Excellent Benefits of Installing an Electric Furnace

Excellent Benefits of Installing an Electric FurnaceWhile some older homes feature propane and oil furnaces, or even wood stoves for warming, most modern residences will utilize either a natural gas or electric furnace. While natural gas furnaces remain a top choice for many due to the low cost of the fuel, electric furnaces are quickly gaining ground. If you're building a new home or considering replacing your existing furnace, here's what you need to know about the benefits of electric furnaces.


A natural gas furnace leaves open the possibility of toxic and combustible carbon monoxide leaks. While no type of furnace is going to be 100 percent accident proof, this issue is something you will not have to consider if you install an electric furnace.

Low Cost Installation

When it comes to budgeting for a new furnace there is a good chance that an electric furnace will be your least expensive option. The low cost installation of an electric furnace makes it a popular choice for people on a budget.

No Natural Gas Line Required

If you're building a new home and you find that installing a natural gas line is not possible or is too expensive, there is always the possibility of going electric. Electricity is available in just about every habitable location in the US, making it an option when natural gas just won't work out.

Energy Efficiency

In recent years electric furnace technology has been greatly improved, making many electric models more efficient than their counterparts fueled by other means. While natural gas generally costs less than electricity, the truth of the matter is that you could save money on your energy bill because an electric furnace will be more efficient, meaning you will have to use it less often to get the same results.

Every home has different heating needs, so it is important to speak with a residential HVAC expert to find out what furnace option is best for your house based on your needs and budget. To learn more about installing an electric furnace in Pinellas Park or the surrounding Florida communities reach out to the team at Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning. Our experts will gladly help you find the best heating option for your home. Give us a call at (727) 513-3145 to schedule superior residential HVAC service in Pinellas Park today!